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Off The Record . Just Look At You!

Then we have a spe­cial whole­sale price for you:


Greet­ings Cards 6-packs are £6.60 each (£1.10/card) + VAT (20%), with a min­im­um order of 7 packs (42 cards).

Car­riage is free in the UK on orders over 20 packs (120 cards). For few­er than 20 packs, car­riage is £6.20 in the UK.

On over­seas orders, addi­tion­al ship­ping costs will be invoiced as needed.

Payment Options

For your first order, we require pay­ment before we ship. For sub­sequent orders, we will ship upon receiv­ing the order, and you have the option to defer pay­ment for 30 days.

Pay Online

Our online order­ing sys­tem allows you to pay through PayP­al, with either a cred­it card or a PayP­al account.

Pay by Cheque

If you prefer to pay by cheque sent by postal mail:

  • print and fill out the print­able order form
  • send to the address
  • please ensure your pay­ment is in pounds (£).

Pay by BACS

If you wish to pay in euros:

  • please pay by BACS
  • con­tact us for our account details
  • don’t for­get to send us the details of your order.

Return Policy

Miko Greet­ings cards and prints are firm sale unless pre­vi­ously agreed.

Opening an Account

Customer Account

When you pay for your first order, we ask you to provide all the details we need to cre­ate your Cus­tom­er Account in our own records:

Com­pany Name
Ship­ping Address
Con­tact Person’s Name
Con­tact Email Address
Con­tact Phone Num­ber

User Account

After your first order, you have the option of also regis­ter­ing a User Account on our web­site so that you can place sub­sequent orders online and still defer pay­ment.

You don’t need a User Account if you want to just pay right away each time you place an order online.

But if you want to defer pay­ment for up to 30 days, and you want to place your order online rather than by phone or email, you’ll need to login first. And for that, you need a User Account. To apply for one, please fill out the User Account Request form.

Ready to Order?

We are able to fill large orders quickly, and look for­ward to serving your needs effi­ciently and effect­ively.

If you have any ques­tions pri­or to order­ing, please feel free to get in touch first, without any oblig­a­tion.

If you’re ready to place your order, please fill out the online Trade Orders form (or con­tact us to place your order by phone or email).