‘Miko Greetings’ appearing in ‘Progressive Greetings’ again. You lucky peepings.

Thanks to all our lovely editorial peeps in Progressive Greetings, our Greetings Card industry publication.

We are showing off our latest range ‘The Cats Muse’.  Giving you ‘that warm smile’ again.




They have headed our piece ‘Feline Good’ …….If only I had thought of that:)



Puuurrruse ourrrrr latest ‘Occasions’ rrrrrange……

…….’The Cats Muse’ where cats play with wuuurrrrrrrds.

Who wouldn’t be delighted to receive this amorrrrous pairrrr enjoying a night out in Parrrris.

A Parisian Prosecco Moment
Send it to your partner, to lovers, to your valentine, for an anniversary, a birthday, or for no reason other than because……
























Guess who went to ‘Scaramanga Marketing’ Marketing Workshop Yesterday??

Well, this lucky guy for a start……..

Guess who went to Scaramanga’s Marketing Workshop

Getting on for 3 hours of fact finding, inspirational Marketing on a Budget! Given by Claire Scaramanga and Ruby Plenderleith, respectively Managing Director and Marketing Executive of Scaramanga Marketing.

A menagerie of 20 or so new businesses gathered at The Start Up Croydon Premises.

Tim Higham, Film maker. Thowheetha Shaah, Family Solicitor and Mediator. Simon de Cintra, helping presenters to confidently present etc., too many to mention apart from Miko Greetings aka Miko Cartoon…of course! 🙂

We learnt about memorable branding and getting your business brand out there! Twitter being useful for up to date brief conversations, facebook for more detailed news. Drip feeding information, consistency and building trust. Etc Etc Etc.

What I thought so impressive, was that Claire and Ruby took time out of their very busy schedule to share their knowledge. Scaramanga being a very major player in marketing companies. You should see their list of clients! Phew!

So my advice is to look out for their next Marketing on a Budget Workshop. In the meantime check out their wise words.










The Greetings Card Printer. Our Hero!

As a Greetings Card Creator and Publisher:

I start with an empty head! (No change there then!)

A blank canvas!

Work my nuts off!

Tough life! 🙂

and send a PDF to my Greetings Card Printer!

Miko Greetings Business Card PDF


They get their little elves and fairies working….

Not only do they do a fab print job! BUT they also print us some brilliant business cards for SFA!

Imaging Centre Business Cards Miko Greetings New Ranges

and more…..

Imaging Centre Business Cards for PGLive 2017 Miko Greetings

Thank you guys at  The Imaging Centre.

Love ’em to bits.



What Do You Think of Our Newest Greeting Card Ranges?

Our newest ranges: "The Cat's Muse" . "Off The Record" . "Just Look At You!"Do you like fun or funny or interesting greeting cards? Have we got a treat for you!

Make that 12 treats: 3 new ranges of greeting cards, each with 4 designs already printed and ready to go. (More designs are planned for each of these new ranges, so stay tuned!)

From Miko, we bring you “The Cat’s Muse” — puurrfect for lovers of cats and pampuurring.

Toby’s new range is “Off The Record” — black-and-white photography of vinyl records.

Our other new range is “Just Look At You!” — for fun birthday greetings by the number — and introduces Miko Greetings customers to our third talented artist, children’s book author and illustrator Annie Horwood.

Do you like these new greeting card ranges?
Tell us what you think, and help us spread the word!


Miko may draw one of his famous My Fine Feathered Friends….

…..but only if you’re good and you visit @Progressive Greetings Live and go to ‘Stand 736’ @MikoGreetings.

Mik May Draw One For You...If You're Very Good :)
Miko May Draw One For You…If You’re Very Good 🙂

On the other hand if you aren’t a #greetingscardretailer and you purchase @MikoGreetings #Greetingscard or two.

It’s worth asking Miko….but only nicely, of course!

Miko Drawing one of his famous My Fine Feathered Friends, Close up.




We Are Reaching Out to More Garden Centres

We love ever popular Garden Centres and Garden Centres love us.

Our ranges, especially ‘My Fine Feathered Friends’ ‘All That Jazz’ and ‘A Taste of Life’, appeal to garden and wild life lovers.

While our art range ‘Artistic License’ appeals to the garden lovers creative sense.

And here is our latest half page advertisement, spreading the word, in ‘Garden Centre Buyer’.

Miko Greetings sharing their ‘Warm Smile’ in more garden centres


























There now! Deep breath and slowly exhale!

Decision made and its looking good.

Choosing one image or one for each range to represent Miko Greetings!

This is the catalogue for Progressive Greetings Live, the trade fair boasting the largest number of greetings card publishers in the world.

Visitors from all over the world will use this free catalogue as a reference throughout the year.

No pressure there then.

Miko Greetings PG Live Show Catalogue June 2017
Progressive Greetings Live 2017 June 6 and 7. Be there or be square.

Looking good and doing Miko Greetings proud.





Invitations to Progressive Greetings Live 2017

The Imaging Centre did a great job in printing our invite to Progressive Greetings Live 2017.

Come and visit, it’s the only place to be if you’re buying Greetings Cards.

……And Stand 736 Miko Greetings, is the only stand to visit.

So if you’re a lovely retailer out there expect one through your door. If you didn’t get one let me know

PS The Imaging Centre print all our greetings cards. So you know the quality and content of Miko Greetings cards, are the very best