It's never too late to send Christmas Cards!

.…Well! If you don’t buy them in time for this Christ­mas, you’ll have been mega effi­cient and bought them early for next Christ­mas!

Father Christmas Officially Recommends Miko Greetings Cards
Fath­er Christ­mas Offi­cially Recom­mends Miko Greet­ings Cards

For a spe­cial offer go to our char­ity, spe­cial offer, Christ­mas Cards page AND for a spe­cial, spe­cial offer login to our home page and sub­scribe to Miko Greet­ings.

Whoops! Thanks Mari­an remind­ing me that these are char­ity greet­ings cards and 15% of the profit goes to Mot­ab­il­ity to help those with mobil­ity prob­lems.


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