Shipping and Return Policy

Shipping and Handling Fees

UK Indi­vidu­al Orders

Flat ship­ping fees per item are included at the time of pur­chase: £1.00 per card, £7.00 per art print.

UK Trade Orders

Car­riage is free in the UK on trade orders over 20 packs (120 cards). For few­er than 20 packs, car­riage is £6.20.

Inter­na­tion­al Orders

On over­seas orders, addi­tional des­tin­a­tion-based ship­ping costs will be invoiced as needed, above and bey­ond the basic fees described for UK orders.

Please be aware that inter­na­tion­al ship­ping can involve cus­toms fees (duties and taxes) which your cus­toms office may charge you before they release your pack­age to you. Miko Greet­ings has no con­trol over, nor respons­ib­il­ity for, such fees – they are imposed by your own country’s gov­ern­ment. If your item arrives at the cus­toms office and you are unwill­ing to pay the “Cus­toms” or “Broker­age” fees that your coun­try may charge you, you are nev­er­the­less deemed to have received it and are respons­ible for its accept­ance, dis­pos­al, or return to us. We can­not issue a refund on a pack­age that has been refused at cus­toms and not returned to us. You may wish to check with your loc­al cus­toms office for more details on pos­sible fees before you order.

Shipping Times

UK Orders

Although your order may arrive with­in a day or so, please allow up to a week for your order to be pro­cessed, pos­ted, and delivered. If you require a quick­er deliv­ery, please indic­ate “Rush Order” in the PayP­al mes­sage box or with­in the Ship­ping Address field of the order form.

Inter­na­tion­al Orders

Inter­na­tion­al orders can some­times arrive quite quickly as well. How­ever, depend­ing on the des­tin­a­tion coun­try, inter­na­tion­al orders can take up to 8 weeks to travel through the two postal sys­tems and over the dis­tances involved. It can also some­times hap­pen that an order can be delayed due to cus­toms pro­cessing. If your order does not arrive in a reas­on­able amount of time, you should check with your loc­al cus­toms office to see if they’re hold­ing the pack­age for pay­ment of fees.


Miko Greet­ings cards and prints are firm sale unless pre­vi­ously agreed. We will not ship any defect­ive items, so if your items arrive dam­aged, it would have happened in trans­it. In that case, please con­tact us with the details to make arrange­ments for return­ing the dam­aged items for replace­ment.