There now! Deep breath and slowly exhale!

Decision made and its looking good.

Choosing one image or one for each range to represent Miko Greetings!

This is the catalogue for Progressive Greetings Live, the trade fair boasting the largest number of greetings card publishers in the world.

Visitors from all over the world will use this free catalogue as a reference throughout the year.

No pressure there then.

Miko Greetings PG Live Show Catalogue June 2017
Progressive Greetings Live 2017 June 6 and 7. Be there or be square.

Looking good and doing Miko Greetings proud.





My Fine Feathered Friends are on show at Progressive Greetings Live.

Always ones to take over the limelight, but they’re cheeky, cute and lovable. You’ll forgive them anything. ¬†Especially when they start making you money. Come and say ‘Hi!’ at Progressive Greetings Live, Miko-Greetings, Stand 737.

'My Fine Feathered Friends' at Progressive Greetings Live Miko Greetings Stand 737
‘My Fine Feathered Friends’ at Progressive Greetings Live, Miko Greetings Stand 737