Here is ‘Super E Dog’ with a reminder…….

…..that you can place your Physically Challenged, Charity Christmas Card orders by email to…

 'Super E Dog' The Fastest Email Carrier Dog in the World!
‘Super E Dog’ The Fastest Email Carrier Dog in the World!



(Just let us know how many packs and where to send them, and we’ll send you an email invoice.)

……Of course, you can also safely order through our easy Add to Cart buttons if you prefer.

(Oh look! There’s one right there!)

Christmas Cards for Motability
Only £12 for a pack of 6: 2 each of 3 designs



Soon these unique Miko-Greetings Christmas Cards will be proudly on display in your friends’ and relatives’ homes.

How wonderful is that!


Miko Greetings Bestselling Cards

Well our Miko Greetings cards have been out in the big wide world long enough to make them worthy of a statistic! Pretty impressive huh?

This may act as a guide to which to go for when making your first greetings purchases.



New Cards on the Block!

Our creatives juices have been flowing, you lucky peeps. We have a new venture: Charity Christmas Cards and 2 fab greetings cards added to our ever popular ranges ‘ All That Jazz’ ‘Tuneful Tentacles’ and ‘My Fine Feathered Friends’ ‘Bless You’.

Treat your customers, treat yourselves, treat your cash tills and above all……

……..treat the woodworm!