Twitty Boid announces a Christmas Card surprise!


Twitty Boid Announces a Christmas Card Surprise!
Twitty Boid Announces a Christmas Card Surprise!

Are you a peep with a disability?

Or a peep who wants to help peeps with a disability?

Either way — or even if you’re just a peep with a liking for Christmas Cards and savings —  Twitty Boid is here to tell you that he can still get your Motability Charity Christmas Cards to you in time for Christmas… AND at a discount!

That’s right! In the spirit of Christmas giving, Twitty Boid has arranged for you to get…

20% off the Motability Christmas Cards!

Buy them right now for the discount price of £9.60 instead of £12.00 for a pack of 6 cards (2 each of 3 designs)…

…or take a closer look at the designs first (click the thumbnails below to enlarge the pictures) and then come back to click the shopping cart button.

Hurry and get yours while there’s still time!

View your shopping cart to make your payment.

15% of the proceeds go to the Motability charity.