Toby’s Poetic Referendum Reminder.

You will know Toby for his amazing photography, see ‘A Taste of Life’ in our Galleries

Well , check out his poetry all about the referendum. Genius.

Toby voting ...or is he?? Click on image to enlarge!
Toby voting …or is he?? Click on image to enlarge!











Will this referendum ever truly endum

“In or Out” said the snail to the slug
a question for the belly button
or the nose of a pug

But its now one for us, and a big one it is
It’s the future for us, for our lovers, our kids

Whether to take back control, to be inde pen dant
from the continental chains and the cold hearted rant
of those European fiends, all wanting to live here
telling us when to grow veggies and how to drink beer

Or stay in the net of a big fam i ly
who make sure all is fair for you and for me
where the borders are whispers of wars that once were
where we share such great knowledge, strange wit and culture

The words of our sinister and slimy prime minister
to the rants of despair for the one with the hair
have muddled our tongues and twisted our brains
‘cause all that we want is a Europe that’s fair

Like spoilt bratty kids they do shout, they do scream
“he is so wrong” or “she is so mean”
“my daddy has told me to stand by our Liz”
“well mine says the opposite, what ever that is”

We the people must say what to do
we, the public, the great British folk
we, the stock, the parliamentary joke
the weight has been dumped on the shoulders of mummies
on our friends on our foes by those referendummies

A cross ours to carry to the cold village hall
a cross forced upon us to make us feel tall
a black broken pencil and a paper to greet us
should remind us all how they really do treat us
like fools to the slaughter half stunned by a grubber
‘cause behind every curtain is the man with the rubber….