We Are Reaching Out to More Garden Centres

We love ever popular Garden Centres and Garden Centres love us.

Our ranges, especially ‘My Fine Feathered Friends’ ‘All That Jazz’ and ‘A Taste of Life’, appeal to garden and wild life lovers.

While our art range ‘Artistic License’ appeals to the garden lovers creative sense.

And here is our latest half page advertisement, spreading the word, in ‘Garden Centre Buyer’.

Miko Greetings sharing their ‘Warm Smile’ in more garden centres


























There now! Deep breath and slowly exhale!

Decision made and its looking good.

Choosing one image or one for each range to represent Miko Greetings!

This is the catalogue for Progressive Greetings Live, the trade fair boasting the largest number of greetings card publishers in the world.

Visitors from all over the world will use this free catalogue as a reference throughout the year.

No pressure there then.

Miko Greetings PG Live Show Catalogue June 2017
Progressive Greetings Live 2017 June 6 and 7. Be there or be square.

Looking good and doing Miko Greetings proud.





Invitations to Progressive Greetings Live 2017

The Imaging Centre did a great job in printing our invite to Progressive Greetings Live 2017.

Come and visit, it’s the only place to be if you’re buying Greetings Cards.

……And Stand 736 Miko Greetings, is the only stand to visit.

So if you’re a lovely retailer out there expect one through your door. If you didn’t get one let me know

PS The Imaging Centre print all our greetings cards. So you know the quality and content of Miko Greetings cards, are the very best


Are You A Twitcher Tweeter?

Not many peeps realise that our founder, Miko, is a ‘Twitcher’.  He spends his fortune travelling the world in search of rare birds.

r u a twitcher twitter Miko bird spotting
r u a twitcher twitter peep

He is also an avid fan of  Twitter which he uses to inform fellow twitchers-and the world at large-of his latest discovery.

Are You a Twitcher Tweeter?

Why not let Miko know and you can share one anothers finds.