A Birthday Card to our Queen

The Greeting Card Association suggested we create unique birthday cards to send to Queen Elizabeth to celebrate her 90th Birthday. There will be a display of them in the Houses of Parliament. I assume this is to ensure any defamatory and offensive artists will be sent directly to the Tower of London. Where their body will be kept in one cell and their head in another. If they can match the head to their body, they will be pardoned.

This is our creation adapted from a record sleeve and Melody Maker advert of the band Queen, I illustrated many moons ago. Just in case you’re confused. I know I am!

PS: If you are the person who walked off with the original. I’d like it back please.


4 thoughts on “A Birthday Card to our Queen

  1. This card is fabulous and the record sleeve !!! So talented mr brown. I might like to be a spam bot..or not. Xxx

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