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About Toby Brown — photographer, writer, humorist, animal whisperer

toby brown photography
Toby Brown photography

My name is Toby – I am a human being – I am lucky enough to breathe, and am still able to jump occasionally. I live on this planet, through no choice of my own, and once dined with someone who claimed to be normal. My eyes work in conjunction with my soul, brain and most importantly my heart – I seem to have one of each of these bundles of electrically -charged items – and somehow I have picked up the ability to enjoy conveying what my eyes tell me – through a series of glass discs and micro-chips onto flattened wood pulp, computer screens, mobile phone apps, and into all kinds of weird and wonderful frames.

I have been told that some of these relayed moments in time bring delight to other creatures’ spheres of vision.

I am always surprised and honoured that others enjoy my view as much as I do – and I hope you will too.


About Miko, aka Mik Brown  — cartoonist, illustrator, writer and educator

miko the artist
Miko the artist

I have inhabited this lovely planet of ours for nigh on 150 years and drawn professionally for 104 of those. Over the years I have created many well known advertising campaigns, children’s books, greetings cards political cartoons etc., etc. I originate both serious and humorous illustrations, using a wide range of styles and techniques. I guess I enjoy creating my humorous art more, because I love making peeps laugh. Oh! and go ‘Awwww!’.

So, to share our creations, Toby and I have set up our very own gallery of greetings cards and art prints for yours and your customers delight and delectation.

I have every confidence that you will find something that your customers will love. Please do keep popping back for a visit, a cup of tea and a chat and a stroll  around our galleries.

Our creativity does not stop here, as our slide show tells you, we are forever in search of new ideas. As a consequence there will be many more works of art to proudly hang in our gallery.

You are very welcome.

To view the slideshow at your own pace, please use the arrows or dots beneath the images. 

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