Guess who went to ‘Scaramanga Marketing’ Marketing Workshop Yesterday??

Well, this lucky guy for a start……..

Guess who went to Scaramanga’s Marketing Workshop

Getting on for 3 hours of fact finding, inspirational Marketing on a Budget! Given by Claire Scaramanga and Ruby Plenderleith, respectively Managing Director and Marketing Executive of Scaramanga Marketing.

A menagerie of 20 or so new businesses gathered at The Start Up Croydon Premises.

Tim Higham, Film maker. Thowheetha Shaah, Family Solicitor and Mediator. Simon de Cintra, helping presenters to confidently present etc., too many to mention apart from Miko Greetings aka Miko Cartoon…of course! 🙂

We learnt about memorable branding and getting your business brand out there! Twitter being useful for up to date brief conversations, facebook for more detailed news. Drip feeding information, consistency and building trust. Etc Etc Etc.

What I thought so impressive, was that Claire and Ruby took time out of their very busy schedule to share their knowledge. Scaramanga being a very major player in marketing companies. You should see their list of clients! Phew!

So my advice is to look out for their next Marketing on a Budget Workshop. In the meantime check out their wise words.










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