Isn’t this just SOOOOO AMAZING!!! :)

…..I received the following email today from a follower:…

Isn’t that just the best? After 30 years they would like to replace it!

I am just so delighted. At the moment I can’t lay my hands on a poster, amongst my vast collection of new and old work. For the moment I just cannot recall the caption, so Ive given it a temporary title “When is the paper delivered?”

This is also a blurred copy of the original. Its twice as blurred because its the same image but twice as big:)

When is the paper delivered ?


It was obviously a popular theme because I did the following around that same era and for the same poster publisher Scandecor

A job worth doing is worth doing well


Posters were indeed very popular back in the day and my royalty income was pretty darned good:)

Thank you HD for making my day


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