Pitching to Giants was a Fabulous Opportunity BUT…………….

                                                 ……..IN A STRICTLY TIMED 10 MINUTES!!!???  

My first pitch was with the lovely Catherine Laycock of Belly Button Designs , she was very encouraging, loving the colours and styles. ‘All That Jazz’ was Catherine’s favourite range. Being the first it’s a bit worrying that one may be forgotten by the end of the afternoon. But hey, who would forget ‘Miko Greetings Cards’

Secondly, I was invited to show retailer Brent Milburn Rhymes with Orange! What a totally brilliant name! Love it! He was pleasantly surprised by the number of different styles in our ranges. My studio of many years was in Gt Titchfield Street, just around the corner from him. Really pleasant and nice guy. He was very interested and I do hope we can work together.

My third pitch was to wonderful Sarah Bertram, buyer for the major retailer Scribbler. I have to say I did wonder if our ‘warm smiley’ cards were suitable for their ‘gag’ taste. Sarah was keen on our ranges and said they were now looking for the more gentle humour to interest new customers and therefore is very interested in Miko Greetings. Phew 🙂

I was deeply interested in Bianca Mastrodomenico, card buyer for all National Trust’s Properties. Our cards would be just perfect for the National Trust customers. Especially ‘Artistic License’ pointing a gentle finger of fun at some famous art and artists. Then there is ‘My Fine Feathered Friends’ and not forgetting ‘All That Jazz’ Oh! and ‘The Cat’s Muse’, ‘Just Look at You’ etc etc….

I took the liberty of telling Bianca that I would love to have had the opportunity of showing her our ranges. Alas there wasn’t the time available, but she eagerly accepted a Miko Greetings sample pack. Fingers crossed…

A Taste of Life

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