Miko may draw one of his famous My Fine Feathered Friends….

…..but only if you’re good and you visit @Progressive Greetings Live and go to ‘Stand 736’ @MikoGreetings.

Mik May Draw One For You...If You're Very Good :)
Miko May Draw One For You…If You’re Very Good 🙂

On the other hand if you aren’t a #greetingscardretailer and you purchase @MikoGreetings #Greetingscard or two.

It’s worth asking Miko….but only nicely, of course!

Miko Drawing one of his famous My Fine Feathered Friends, Close up.




New Cards on the Block!

Our creatives juices have been flowing, you lucky peeps. We have a new venture: Charity Christmas Cards and 2 fab greetings cards added to our ever popular ranges ‘ All That Jazz’ ‘Tuneful Tentacles’ and ‘My Fine Feathered Friends’ ‘Bless You’.

Treat your customers, treat yourselves, treat your cash tills and above all……

……..treat the woodworm!