The Creative Dilemma

…One of many.  Neurotic peeps that we are 😉

Unless you have a deadline, imposed by the Art Director, Publisher…..’HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN TO STOP?’

I had already finished my latest creation ‘A Solo Dawn Chorus’ for My Fine Feathered Friends range, and here it is……

A Happy Birthday for a special peep on a special day

And I thought I’d finished, BUT, Oh No!

I couldn’t place it but there was something, ‘incomplete’ it about it. I kept returning to it, looking for that something. I knew it wasn’t finished. ‘Finishing’ a work of art may removing as well or as adding! On this occasion it was adding something. I knew that at least. But, what was it?

I wanted the bird to enjoy being alone, singing at the top of its voice, fine, that worked. Maybe it was the background, the sky. Too bland? I had added a small sun in one version to the right of the picture, but somehow that didn’t work, just floating there!

Even while it was in our gallery it was still niggling me. So I took it down and added a bigger, warmer sun, behind the flowery lettering and that did it for me. I added a few fields at the bottom of the picture, to ground the image, literally, and it worked.


A Solo Dawn Chorus MBMFFF10

It also managed to bring out ‘Happy Birthday’.

NOW, it’s finished …..or is it?




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