Which of these styles would work on a Greetings Card?

We are working on a new range of greetings cards which need a very different look.



Your input would help.  What do you think?


6 thoughts on “Which of these styles would work on a Greetings Card?

  1. I’m not a fan of any of them, but if you are looking for different and impactful, I’d vote for New York, and Poor Reforestation. Prince Charles and Alfred Hitchcock are not drawn well, and have a very limited audience, if any. Single Parent and Electricity USA are unfinished concepts … I don’t get their points of view.

    1. Fair enough. Just to explain, these images aren’t created for greetings cards, they were done for various specific articles. I am just using them as a suggestion of style for greetings cards. Thank you for taking the trouble to comment.

  2. I believe four of them are workable for the card market.I would let you decide which four,as we as artists and creators must go with what our instincts tell us.In other words you may have a great sense for one of your styles and only you can have that sense no one else.You may fill a need by a style that has never been done and it may do extremely well.I remember being a publishers office showing my portfolio of work and I asked,’What style do you like?”He said,’I will know it when I see it.’

    1. Thanks James, thanks for your thoughts. Yes I think you’re right, I guess we do have our favourites. But I feel we can get too close to the work to form an unbiased opinion. I really enjoyed working on one of my recent greetings cards. Having not looked at it for quite while, I don’t like it now. Frustrating but great life.

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